Have you ever wondered how to safely transport your prized vehicle over long distances, especially to or from the picturesque terrains of Alaska?

Whether relocating, selling, buying, or just touring, shipping your car can be complex. But worry not. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to do it right!

Do Your Research

Before you choose a company to ship your car, start with due diligence. Look for reviews, ratings, and any previous customer feedback. Naturally, you’d want a company with a stellar reputation – like Wrightway Auto Carriers, a trusted name in car transportation to and from Alaska. Don’t just ship. Ship it the Wrightway!

Get a Quote

Transporting a vehicle comes at a cost. Different factors, such as the type of vehicle, distance, shipping method (open or enclosed trailer), and delivery time, can affect the price. Obtain multiple quotes, but remember – the cheapest isn’t always the best. It’s about value, trust, and peace of mind.

Groom Your Car for the Trip

  • Clean it inside and out.
  • Note any existing damage or scratches. Photographs can be handy for this.
  • Remove all personal belongings.
  • Ensure the gas tank is about a quarter full.
  • Check for and report any mechanical issues.

Choose the Right Shipping Option

There are mainly two options:

  • Open Transport: Your car will be shipped on an open trailer, a cost-effective and popular choice.
  • Enclosed Transport: Ideal for luxury, classic, or rare cars. It offers protection from weather and road debris.

Insure Your Vehicle

While professional carriers like Wrightway Auto Carriers take the utmost care, insurance coverage is always a good idea. Contact us for more details about our insurance policy.

Inspection Upon Delivery

Once your car reaches its destination, inspect it thoroughly. Compare its condition with the photographs you took before shipping. In the rare event of any discrepancies, report them immediately.

Enjoy the Ride!

With your car safely delivered, all that’s left is to hit the roads of Alaska or any other destination you choose. Relish the freedom and joy of driving your vehicle without the wear and tear of a long drive.

Ready to Ship Your Car to or from Alaska?

Choosing the suitable auto carrier is paramount to a smooth and stress-free car shipping experience. With six decades of expertise, Wrightway Auto Carriers is the go-to choice for numerous satisfied customers.

Contact us today for a seamless shipping experience!

When it comes to transporting your pride and joy, it’s not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about doing it the Wrightway! Safe travels!

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