Transporting your vehicle to another state requires choosing from several effective methods. Whether moving, buying, or selling a car, the right choice depends on your needs and preferences. Here, we explore the best ways to transport your vehicle across state lines.

Open-Air Auto Transport

Open-air auto transport offers a cost-effective solution for moving your vehicle. Carriers load your vehicle onto an open trailer, providing a straightforward and widely accessible service for most standard vehicles.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport is ideal for luxury, classic, or high-value vehicles. It protects your vehicle in a fully enclosed trailer, shielding it from road debris and weather elements, though it comes at a higher cost.

Driveaway Services

Driveaway services involve hiring a driver to take your vehicle to its destination. This method is suitable if you prefer your car driven rather than towed, but it does add mileage and wear.

Professional Driving Services

Professional driving services offer a similar approach to driveaway services but with the expertise of professional drivers or companies. This method still adds wear to the vehicle and requires thorough vetting of the driver.


Self-driving your vehicle to its new location can be economical, though time-consuming. It’s a practical choice for shorter distances or if you enjoy long drives.

Tow or Haul Yourself

Towing or hauling the vehicle yourself allows for a hands-on approach. Renting a trailer or tow dolly requires a suitable towing vehicle and knowledge of towing safety protocols.

Train Transport

While not widely available, train transport offers an alternative for specific routes and locations. It’s an interesting option if it aligns with your transport needs.

Ship Your Car by Boat

Shipping a car by boat is essential in some cases, like moving to Hawaii or Alaska. While reserved mostly for international shipping, it’s also an option domestically under certain circumstances. This method isn’t cheap, but it’s necessary for specific locations.

Final Thoughts

Transporting your vehicle to another state effectively involves selecting the suitable method based on your budget, vehicle type, and preference.

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